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Clinic Visits

Clinic Visits Details

These treatment visits will be at the mobile clinic base location in Pleasant Grove (422 E 200 S Pleasant Grove, Ut). 

Details about Clinic Visits:

  • Clinic Visit will be offered Monday through Friday in Pleasant Grove.

  • Two different appointment types will be offered. 

    • 1. Extended Manual Treatment - $59

      • This visit will last 30-40 minutes and include all the hands on manual therapy, stretching, adjustment, and rehab exercise.

    • ​2. Spinal Alignment - $29
      • This visit will last about 10-20 minutes and includes the chiropractic adjustment and the massage bed.

  • Buddy Pass discount cannot be utilized at clinic visit appointment.

  • If we were previously billing your insurance for chiropractic services, then we can continue to do that for you with clinic visits. 

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