Clinic Visits Details

Clinic Visits will be initially offered on only two days of the week. These treatment visits will be at the mobile clinic base location in Pleasant Grove (422 E 200 S Pleasant Grove, Ut). 

Details about Clinic Visits:

  • Clinic Visit will be offered on Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays in Pleasant Grove.

  • Two different appointment types will be offered. 

    • 1. Extended Manual Treatment - $59

      • This visit will last 30-40 minutes and include all the hands on manual therapy, stretching, adjustment, and rehab exercise.

    • ​2. Spinal Alignment - $29
      • This visit will last about 10-20 minutes and includes the chiropractic adjustment and the massage bed.

  • Buddy Pass discount cannot be utilized at clinic visit appointment.

  • If we were previously billing your insurance for chiropractic services, then we can continue to do that for you with clinic visits.