Home Visits Now Available

During the COVID-19 quarantine we will be providing Home Visit Treatment 

Scheduling details for Home Visits

Home visits will be initially offered on only two days of the week. Utah County area will be served on Tuesdays. Salt Lake County will be served on Thursdays.

Details about Home Visits:

  • Treatment visits will still last about 30 mins.

  • Due to increase cost to travel directly to your home, the price of treat is increased to $49.

  • Buddy Pass discount can still be utilized if you have a family member or friend that wants treatment at the same time slot as you. They won't be able to book there own appointment, but just bring them to your appointment.

  • If we were previously billing your insurance for chiropractic services, then we can continue to do that for you with home visits. 

Please be aware to select the correct scheduling link based upon which county you live in. Thanks


Upcoming On-site Locations

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Corporate On-sites postponed during COVID-19

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On-site Event Calendar

Our mobile chiropractic clinic provides you with the amazing benefits of chiropractic care while having the convenience of never leaving work. 

Most desk jobs lead to increased tension and stress on the body. Our treatment can help to alleviate that tension and increase your productivity and enjoyment at work. 


Our focus is on-site corporate wellness. So give us a call and book The Mojo to come treat at your place of work today! 

Meet The MOJO

Meet Dr Brent Friess


Dr Friess is originally from Oregon. He has lived in Utah for over ten years. His studies and training as a Chiropractic Physician were at the University of Western States in Portland Oregon. 

Dr Friess first experienced the healing power of chiropractic care after a swimming accident in high school that left him with severe back pain and the inability to stand upright without pain. His pain was relieved after one adjustment. 

Dr Friess helps run a brick-and-mortar clinic location in Provo called Axcess Accident Center, he also owns and operates a vacation relief service for chiropractors all over Utah called Locum Chiropractic. 

You will experience his care and concern for every patient each time you work with Dr Friess. 

Our Mobile Services
Manual chiropractic adjustments help to increase range of motion in joints and decrease pain. This increased mobility also helps decrease tension in the muscles.
Chiropractic Adjustment
15 min
The intersegmental traction table is a customizable therapy that can provide localized or global mobilization of the spinal joints. This increased mobility leads to decre...
Intersegmental Traction
10 min
Free with Adjustment
Electric Stimulation is a common chiropractic and physical therapy modality that provides pain reduction and muscular relaxation.
Electric Muscle Stim
10 min
Free with Adjustment